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Transcultural Adoption

Whether you are new to the adoption world and would like to go over some of the basics or you just need a small refresher, knowing the basics of transcultural--or sometimes called transracial--adoption can be beneficial for you and your family. If you're considering adopting transracially, it is important to understand the issues, how to prepare, and what to expect.

What is Transcultural Adoption?: It simply means that a child is placed with a family that is of a differing ethnic group or culture. There are many reasons why adoptive parents choose to adopt transculturally. Some parents feel connected to a specific ethnicity or culture--for various reasons--and may choose to adopt from that ethnicity. Other parents and adoption professionals support the idea of reaching out to those in need-no matter their ethnicity. You'll find adoption agencies and placement specialists who try to provide children with "same race" families. Keep this in mind as you search for adoption professionals with whom to work. You'll want an agency that has your best interest in mind, and one that will respect your wishes and needs.

How to Prepare: Research, research, research. Study out the process for adopting transculturally. Study the agencies that you might use. Learn everything you can about the process. Ask around. Talk to others. Dedicate the time you need in order to be prepared for the coming months. Examine your own personal beliefs. You'll need to make sure that transcultural adoption is something with which you're comfortable. Be ready to have some talks with your aging child about culture. He or she will naturally have some questions. Be honest and open with him or her.

Issues and Problems: Some adoption experts and people you'll most likely come in contact with will believe that a child should always be placed with a family of the same ethnicity or culture. Both you and your child will come across people who disapprove. They may be rude and inconsiderate, and your child may experience taunting and teasing. One way to deal with this is to be upfront and honest about your experience. You can also help educate your child's classmates about culture.

Celebrate Diversity: Diversity is beautiful. Celebrate your child's culture, and celebrate your own. Have frequent talks with your child and your child's friends about cultural heritage. Each heritage is unique and should be respected. Encourage that in your child. Diversity should be celebrated and embraced.

Transcultural or transracial adoption is becoming more and more common within the adoption community. And it is a viable option for any adoptive parents. Look into it, and if you feel that it is right for you, move forward and add a beautiful, new member of your growing family.

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