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Searching Due to a Medical Emergency

Adoption--no matter which side of the triad you find yourself--comes with both joys and grievances. For both adoptees and adoptive parents, one such grievance is a lack of medical information. This isn't true for every adoption situation, but it is true for many of them. Depending on the type of adoption and what the biological families want to share, you may not have any or a limited amount of medical information at your disposal, which can be very frustrating and extremely risky and frightening.

Even if you or your child has never been interested in searching and reuniting with the biological family, sometimes a medical emergency changes that. There are so many illnesses that are genetic that could be maintained and watched for if known about early on. However, disaster can strike at any moment. That's one reason why it's so important to gather all the medical history you can, even if you or your child never gets ill.

If tragedy and sickness has struck your household and you have no medical information that could help the doctors make a diagnosis, it might be time to start your reunion search. Here are some ideas to get you moving in the right direction:

Call the Agency - The first step is to call the agency through which the adoption took place and see if there is any medical or contact information available. If it was a closed adoption, they won't be very likely to release that information, but it's worth a shot. If they won't give you the information, see if someone will contact the biological family on your behalf.

Search State Records - The next step is to search available state records. Some might be available if you are an older adoptee. However, if the adoption information is still locked down, it may be harder than this. Speak to as many people as you can who have access to these files. There may be one in the list who is willing to help you.

Get Online - You have many modern resources at your disposal. You can search on social networking sites, but only if you know the person's name. If you don't, consider searching through our online reunion registry. Or, you can add your information to the registry in hopes that who you're looking for will contact you.

The situation you're in is scary. There's no doubt about that. But keep a clear head and keep moving forward until you find the answers you're looking for. Or, if you're still in the process of your adoption, make sure you have access to that information before finalization. Medical information will save you many fears and heartaches in the coming years. Reunion Registry

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In Your Words

"All my life I have felt pieces of me were missing. I didn't understand why for sure! I knew my mom was adopted. Then last year we found my birth grandma that put a piece of my puzzle together! Yet there was still something missing! My mom had always told me about my three uncles that were placed for adoption and now that I found my grandma, I want to give her the gift of the three little boys she had placed. You see, she is a great Christian lady and loves like no other, even though she has been through rough times! I just want my uncles to come home and find out what a family they have! We love you so much!" - Kimberly

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