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Blogging: Have you registered or recently upgraded through our Reunion Registry? Have you been searching or recently reunited with your birth family? Are you interested in Blogging? This is the perfect opportunity for you to share your Search and Reunion story! We currently have a few paid positions available for Search and Reunion bloggers. Please inquire for details here.

Keep Searching

A reunion search isn't easy. For some people, it can take just a few hours. For others, it can take decades. Unfortunately, there isn't a checklist to follow that will guarantee success and when you will meet success. If you're feeling down or overwhelmed with your reunion search, take a moment to read the below success stories. Most of them were surprised when they finally reunited, showing you that this type of experience can't fully be planned for. Sometimes, you just have to go along for the ride and hope that the end of the ride matches your end goal.

Story 1 - "I have been registered here as a birth mother since my son turned 18. I kept my information updated and I never stopped looking or having hope. Happiest day of my life was 9 years later when my son turned 28. He finally registered and found me instantly and then found my Facebook. I was proactive and I knew that when he was ready I would be there. Since our reunion in 2010, we have built a wonderful relationship and he has now met his two sisters and his younger brother. I was struck at how normal and comfortable we all became. Now we are trying to build a new normal and my hole in my soul is now filled. I love him so very much and I owe it all to your website and we all knew he would eventually come here. So, birth mothers, keep your contact information updated and post as much information as you know. Take it very slowly. Put yourself in your son/daughter's position and don't overwhelm your child. Be honest and answer all their questions. Keep Looking! Thank you,, for bringing my son home. Love you guys." - Pamela

Story 2 - "Thanks to your site, my son knew I wanted to meet him. He was in school learning to be a truck driver and didn't have the money to pay to get my information, but started searching for me on the internet. Through other sites, he was able to find my e-mail address and my phone number. I heard years ago that to help a child find you, list your name in the phonebook under your maiden name. He, however, didn't find me that way, but through a high school website. Our first phone call was the happiest day of my life! We talked until six in the morning. He learned he had two sisters and two brothers. They all knew about him. It was two weeks of phone calls before I got to hug and kiss my baby boy who is now 41 years old. I didn't want to let go. He lives so close to me, and we may have often passed on the street or in a store and never knew it. He says he loves now being an older brother and having sisters. I want to thank you for letting me post on your site. Otherwise, he would not have known I wanted to see him, and he may never have bothered to search harder to find me." - Karen

Story 3 - "I was born a month early. I was taken from the birth mother and she was not allowed to see me. Before she went back to England, she did get to hold me for the first and last time until now. I was placed in foster care for 3 months, then I went to live with my very lovable family. Time went on and one day I thought I would register on, just in case someone in my biological family might look for me. Years passed, then one day I got a message on Facebook from a woman who claimed that my biological parents lived with her parents when I was born. I called her and we talked. She is my cousin. It took her three days. She first found me on, then looked for me on Facebook. I have two older half-sisters, two younger full-brothers, and a younger full-sister. We all keep in touch on Facebook. It has been such a wonderful experience. In August on 2012 my adoptive mom and I went to England to visit them. When we finally got to where my biological mom and siblings were waiting, my biological mother hugged me so hard and we cried. We stayed with them and it was wonderful. I felt like I belonged there. I can't wait to go again. They are all coming here in 2014 and I can't wait. Thank you so much, If it wasn't for this site, I more than likely would not have met them." - Mary

Story 4 - "Don't give up on these registries! My birthmother's sister found me and reunited me with my mother after 39 long years! She was in a terrible car accident two years after having me and was unable to ever have children again. She regretted giving me up for adoption for many years to follow. Finally this past Mother's Day, she received her first Mother's ay pendant and necklace to show off. She was so happy that she couldn't stop crying. Although I haven't been able to meet her in person yet, since she lives far from me, we talk on the phone all the time. The only way she found me was through an online genealogy website and an adoption search registry. So don't give up. Keep posting to as many sites as you can find. I hope you all get the opportunity I have been blessed with to find your birth family and be reunited." - Emma

Story 5 - "For the last 25 years intermittently, I have been searching for my two sisters without much luck. In December 2010, I received all my social information. In no time at all, through typing in her name, found her on your site, though she had posted it ten years earlier. It gave me enough information to further my search! I then went one step further and looked for her on Facebook. I found her! I sent a very respectful message, and half an hour later, she sent a message back. We were both crying. We spoke for an hour on the phone last night for the very first time! She told me that she wouldn't be able to sleep unless she did. It was the most amazing feeling, and we are so similar; it's uncanny! We have been on Facebook all day talking. Her family who adopted her along with her foster brother and sister have added me on Facebook, too. I've gone from being brought up as an only child to overnight having an ever-expanding family. I am so grateful for so many things. Thank you for being there, so that people like us can find one another." - Leonie

Story 6 - "We have had a wonderful, life-changing reunion. I hope everyone can be as lucky as I have been to experience the love and understanding of your child or parent welcoming you into their life as my daughter has us and us her. Our family is complete at last" - Ellen

Story 7 - "I registered with in 2006 with not much hope for any miracle. One day in Dec. 2009 I received an e-mail from a girl who had been looking for her birth mother for a couple of years. After talking for only a brief moment on the phone, we knew I was who she was looking for. We both cried hysterically and in a couple months I flew to where she was and met her and her parents, who are wonderful people, and she stayed with me at my hotel and we just talked for three whole days. She later came to where I live and stayed with me for a couple of months. The only thing I suggest to people who are looking for their birth families is to take it very, very slow. It is extremely overwhelming and, as a birth mother, I know I felt uneasy at times not knowing what to do or how to act. All in all, it has been a miracle and a wonderful, God-given blessing. We are so much alike and it is a little odd at times. I don't have any other children and cannot ever have any other children due to having cancer a couple of years back. I feel as though she was my gift to the world and now I have been able to see what a beautiful woman she has turned out to be." - Patricia

You may feel alone right now during this search, but it's important to know that you're not. There are many others out there who are frustrated with their searches and just want to make contact as soon as possible. But don't let this get you down. The above stories show that reunion is possible and it could be right around the corner. Keep searching! Reunion Registry

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In Your Words

"On 12-11-2003 at 9:50pm I posted a thread on your search and reunion forum. 8 years later on 9-18-2012 I got a phone call. To my surprise, the man on the other side talking to me was my brother I had been searching for...for almost 9 years! My family is complete now.I told my mother when I started my search that I wanted to search and find her son before she dies. My one post paid off! There are future plans of a reunion. I am thankful for this site because it helped us reunite. I will forever and always be thankful for posting that thread in search of him. He made contact by finding my post on this site. He said my post was the first to pop up! WOW! How amazing! I would like to give my thanks to this site and to let everyone know to never give up." - Beverly

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