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February 10, 2009
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  1. Announcements is searching for Writers is searching for talented writers who are interested in writing articles on topics related to pregnancy, parenting and adoption. Currently, our focus is finding writers who have experience with unplanned pregnancy options, pregnancy basics and situational issues surrounding unplanned pregnancy. Interested writers should send a detailed email outlining your experience and providing samples of your published works to

  2. Featured Adoption Blogs  
Those who have contributed to the content of this section are solely responsible for the opinions stated therein, which do not necessarily represent the views of Adoption Week e-Magazine, Adoption Media, L.L.C., or any of its sponsors, advertisers or collaborators. is excited to welcome a new blogger to the Blogger Lineup at Mandy, a mother of four living in Southest Ohio, adopted two of her children from Ethiopia in April 2008. Mandy will be writing about various aspects of International Adoption, from Ethiopia specific information to adopting and raising the older child. Please take a few minutes to check out Mandy's recent contributions to and welcome her aboard!

Explaining Adoption to Parented Children
Just coming off of a visit, we've been talking about the boys' sister a lot. While she is always part of our life (hanging on the wall in pictures, in prayers at night), like any issue brought to the surface, my older son has been incorporating her into imagination play. And, of course, he's also been asking a lot of questions. more

Meeting Your Older Child for the First Time
As soon as you start the adoption process in Ethiopia (or any country) I would get started on travel documents and read up on the current situation pertaining travelers...more

Come join the discussions on with our Bloggers: Jenna Hatfield | Mandy W. | Coley S. | Renee E.

  3. Highlighted Articles  
The authors of these articles are solely responsible for their content. The views expressed therein do not necessarily represent the views of Adoption Week e-Magazine, Adoption Media, L.L.C., or any of its sponsors, advertisers or collaborators.

False Abuse Allegations - Rita Laws, Ph.D.
Being accused of child abuse when you are innocent is a nightmare that many cannot comprehend who have not lived it. False abuse allegation is a life-shattering catastrophe. And it happens to foster and adoptive parents all the time. .more

Why I Continue to Care about Foster Care! - Lawrence P. Adams
Adoptive parents are hard to find for older children, as I was to find out. One of the saddest things about this situation is we children realized we do not have a real family. We moved from foster parents to foster parents. This often means changing schools. Moving so frequently made it difficult to develop lasting friendships or to begin to know and trust our teachers....more

Open Letter to Foster Children - Lawrence P. Adams
I have felt alone. I have felt depressed. I have felt that no one understood. I have felt no one really cared about me, and yes...I have even wondered if it was worth living...more

Read the entire text of these articles at, and submit your adoption-related articles for possible publication in this newsletter. All submissions will be subject to the applicable terms, restrictions and conditions of Adoption Media, L.L.C.

  4. Adoption News  

Former foster child adopted at 36 - The Austin Americna-Statesman -
On Friday morning, Alice Jones who spent 16 years in the foster care system finally saw her life-long wish come true. She was adopted. She is 36 years old. read more and discuss

Adopting overseas? Ask for discount on airfare - Chicago Sun-Times -
It's been drilled into our heads that the best way to get a cheap airline ticket is to buy it well in advance of your travel date. But parents adopting children from overseas often have no idea when that date might be. And once their adoption agency gives them the go-ahead to bring home their child, they typically have only a matter of days to make all the more and discuss

Dad told to pay for child's birth or wed mom - -
The state of Michigan is giving a father a choice: pay the medical cost of his daughter's birth or marry the girl's mother. Gary Johnson was billed $3,800 for the birth of his daughter JaeLyn, The Flint Journal reported in Sunday online editions. Johnson is not married to the child's mother, Rebecca Witt. read more and discuss

Your Adoption News - Read and Contribute by visiting News.

  5. Featured Reunion Registry Profiles  
The registry profiles featured in this section of the E-Magazine are part of the largest online adoption reunion registry on the internet. Find out if someone is looking for you by searching the reunion registry on

Gretchen Hamrick McGroarty, a Birth Mother, is searching for a male child born on December 22, 1986 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Gretchen posted the following information on the Registry Profile, "The adoption was done on Christmas Eve of 1986,at the judges house. Christopher was born on Dec. 22 1986,I dont know much about it my mother handled most of it since I was underage.I wont go into my story I just want my name out there so that he can find me. I do not want to cause any BAD disterbance in his life .I understand if he doesnt wanna talk to me. but I truely hope that isnt the case.Jess Campbell was the attorney that handled the case.I sincerely thank you for having this web site available to us :) My email is thank you again Gretchen Hamrick Fielden". If you or someone you know is searching for their birth family members in the Knoxville area, please contaact Gretchen by registering for an account on the reunion registry.

Christine Kleinau, a Birth Mother
, is searching for a female child born on October 17, 1989 in Darlington, South Carolina. Christine has the following information on her Registery Profile, "I am from Illinois and went to Florence South Carolina. The name of the place I stayed at the time was Love Life ministries headed by John and now deceased Annice Craddock. I remember going to church at Florence Baptist Temple. I also remember giving birth at wilson clinic in Darlington,S.C. My doctor was Dr.Tatum whom worked side by side with another doctor whose name I can not recall. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She weighed 7pds she was 19and half inches long. the doctor that took care of her at birth was Dr. Bardi. She was also born at 2:21 pm.". If you or someone you know is searching for members of their birth family in Darlington, South Carolina, you may contact Christine by registering for an account on the reunion registry.

With over 370,000 records in our reunion registry database, the Reunion Registry is the largest online reunion resource for those touched by adoption. Join today and start your search.

  6. Featured Waiting Children  
Domestic Waiting Children

Jaana from California
Jaana is a friendly, outgoing teen with a great sense of humor. She is also very bright and insightful. She enjoys good conversation and is very comfortable talking with both kids and adults. Jaana has many goals. She is a good student who plans to attend college and then pursue a PhD in Psychology. Jaana was born in Finland. She is Finnish and Russian and understands and speaks both languages...more
International Waiting Children

Shakeel from Asia
Shakeel is a sweet little boy who has superficial burn scarring on both thighs. He underwent surgery for bilateral ankle eauinus deformity and doctors advise that he will require a second stage corrective surgery and occupational therapy to correct this condition...more

Scott from Florida
Scott is a sunny child who enjoys listening to music and dancing. He is easy to get along with and likes to have fun. Watching cartoons and playing video games top the list of Scott's favorite things to do, although he can also be found singing and dancing throughout the house. Scott acts younger than his age, and is easily entertained by just spending time with other people. more .

Julian from Asia
Julian is a healthy 5.5 years old and enjoys playing games and building houses with blocks. Julian is more introverted than some of his peers and seems to lack confidence at times, but he is eager to participate in activities with his peers...more

The Photolisting is a free community service provided by Adoption Media, L.L.C., which features thousands of children awaiting loving, permanent homes.

Add your agency’s international waiting children to the International Photolisting, and help them find loving homes faster... more
  7. Meet New Hopeful Adoptive Parents  
The information and links displayed below relate to profile posting services provided on the web site, which is a service of Adoption Profiles, L.L.C., who sponsors this section and is solely responsible for its content.

Michael & Allyson (TX)
Hi! We are Allyson and Mike, and we can't wait to start the amazing adventure of parenthood...more
Richard & Michelene (IL)
We understand the challenges confronting you. Your brave decision to choose Life for your child through adoption is a special blessing. The prospect of our becoming loving adoptive parents is exciting!more
Shawn & Melissa (WA)
OUR HOME and HEARTS ARE OPEN and we are so excited to start our family! Please look at our profile to see all the love, joy, and security we are ready to share with a child. Regards- Shawn and Melissa from Seattlemore
Paul & Rebecca (TX)
Thank you again for learning a little about our lives and families. We hope you feel confident that we are going to be fun and loving parents. Your child will know how much you loved them and the tough decisions you were faced with.more

Are you pregnant? Visit (a service of Adoption Profiles, L.L.C.) to choose who you feel will be the right adoptive parents for your baby.

Are you a hopeful adoptive parent? Explore tools to help build your profile. (Sponsored by Adoption Profiles, L.L.C., which is solely responsible for its content)

  8. Adoption Gem  

“A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.”
-- Carl Sandburg

Share your story, thought, or quote for possible publication in this newsletter. All submissions will be subject to the applicable terms, restrictions and conditions of Adoption Media, L.L.C.
  9. Adoption Buzz  

Communication Between Birth Parents & Adoptive Parents - Birthmoms, would you have chosen a family with children?
When we adopted our other 2 children, it was such a different situation. We did not become foster parents to adopt. Our baby girl came to us at 4 months old and became free for adoption 2 years later. At that point, she was just ours. We were hers and she was ours and I couldn't have sent her away if I had wanted to. Our son was much the same. His poor, sweet momma was so young and he was her third. She was also a former foster child. When he was born, she wanted to place him with an agency at birth, but no families in a 3 state area wanted to take him because of his pre-natal exposures, so he was placed with us as his foster parents. All she wanted for him was a family with a mom and a dad. That is literally all that she asked for. I picked him up from the hospital. The minute I saw him I knew that he was mine and my dh couldn't have fallen harder or faster in love with him, too...more

Adoptee Support - Irritated at the "competition"
I just read on another thread a comment that stated that they felt a birthmom would ever find anyone that would love the child the way it's VERY OWN MOTHER can. I get sooooooooooooooooooooooo tired of this thinking!!! Yes BIRTHMOMS LOVE their kids!!! I am not saying they don't, but why do some people think they have the monopoly on love of a child. Because someone doesn't give birth to their child does not negate the fact that they can and do love their child just as much as the person who gave birth to the child!!!!!!!!! I refuse to believe that my mom doesn't or isn't able to love me at the same level that my bmom was/is able to just because she didn't give birth to me! As a matter of fact, my bmom is not a very loving or nurturing person. Instead she tells me very awful things! It is true that a bmom won't find a person who would love exactly LIKE she would, because everyone has their own way of showing love, ect. And yes..there are times that adoptive parents don't do what is right by their child. There are parents in general who don't do what is right by their child, so we can't use the whole "well bioparents are better "wired" to show the love to the child garb"...more

For more on-line adoption discussions, visit
  10. Just for the Fun of It  


How did the farmer fix his jeans ?

With a cabbage patch !

Share your family-appropriate humorous story or joke for possible publication in this newsletter. All submissions will be subject to the applicable terms, restrictions and conditions of Adoption Media, L.L.C.

  11. Featured Adoption Professional  
Although we strive to provide our web site users with accurate contact information for competent and experienced adoption professionals, our display of that information should not be considered as an endorsement or guarantee of the services they offer or provide.

World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP)
  Seattle, WA
   Toll Free: (800) 732- 1887
   Phone: (206) 575-4550
   Fax: (206) 575-4148
   E-mail: World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP)
   Services: Adoption Agencies • International
   Countries: China • Ethiopia • India • Kazakhstan • Korea • Russia • Thailand e

Find an adoption professional in your area:

search by state & category

Find a professional using The Directory of Professionals . When you contact adoption professionals using our directory, please make sure to let them know how you found them.

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  12. Adoption Poetry  


My Mother's hands are not like mine

But both can wave or climb a vine

Or make a castle out of sand

Or hold onto my Daddy's hand.

My Mother's eyes are not like mine

But both can see the bright sunshine

Our eyes can look way up and down

Tho' hers are blue and mine are brown.

My Mother's hair is not like mine

But both of us look very fine

With braids and bows and Sunday hats

We even put them on the cat!

My Mother's heart is just like mine!

We love and care and learn each line

Of God's own word to Mom, Dad and me.

Our insides are all that He can see.

Because God doesn't care about our skin

Or eyes, or hair, or even our chins!

He loves what's inside of me,

So I'm the best girl I can be.

God loves me so much, you see

That He gave me two Mommies--each are perfect just for me.

So every night I pray to God above

For the Mom who gave me life and for the Mom who gives me love.

© Tabitha

Read more adoption poetry, or share your adoption poem.

  13. Speak Out  
This section is not intended to provide advice regarding specific search situations. It is intended to discuss general search techniques and resources that may be consulted or utilized by readers at their own discretion. If readers are contacted by individuals that seek to provide search assistance, they should not assume that any searcher is a qualified professional or is indorsed by the web site or Adoption Media, L.L.C. If users decide to provide information or payments to anyone, they do so at their own risk. The views contained in this section do not necessarily represent the views of Adoption Media, L.L.C., or any of its sponsors, advertisers or collaborators.

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I am an adoptee who is searching for any birth family . I was born at The Edna Gladney Home on June 26, 1953 at 3:45 AM. The only information I have is the file # on my amended birth certificate which is 142-53-102083. If anyone can help me I would so appreciate it. Thank you.

Looking for a birth mom who gave birth to me on 1-30-1976 in Magee Hospital, Pgh., Pa. I was adopted by a wonderful family and now am the proud Dad of two little girls..... and would like to thank my birthmom for making the decision she did for me. Thank you.

Were you adopted? Did you make the difficult decision to give a child up for adoption? Have you been searching for a parent, child, or sibling and exhausted your resources? If so, award-winning documentary producers want to hear about your experiences for a new network television program and help!

The show will explore the profound issues involved when families separate and the lengths some go to reunite, find answers, and discover lost family. Are you searching for a loved one? Do you know someone who is? If you or someone you know is seeking answers, please consider sharing your story with millions who might benefit. Together, we can make a difference! Send your story to today!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Speak Out section of the E-Magazine. Get published! Share your opinion, comment, or respond to a message by e-mailing us .

 14. Adoption Calendar  
Although we strive to provide users with accurate information on upcoming events relating to adoption, since most event information is provided by users and the involved professionals, we are unable to independently verify the information provided, and therefore are unable to guarantee its completeness and accuracy or to endorse any event.

There are no events listed for this week. To add your free event to the Events Calendar, visit Non-marketing free events, such as support groups, play dates and parenting classes are free to list.

Adoption professionals interested in listing their events in The Adoption Events Calendar can do so by registering and subscribing to the Events Calendar upgrade, which allows professionals to list up to four monthly marketing or informational events. This is an affordable way to reach out to the Community.

To view local listings, regional seminars, many other adoption events, and to list your organization's events, visit The Adoption Events Calendar.

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